Imagine what you could do if global networking were simple.

With ZeroTier, it is. Connect all of your devices on a single network that you provision and control.


Get a direct two-way connection with IoT devices in the field, no matter what internet connection they use or where they are in the world.

  • Device-centric architecture is optimized for IoT deployments
  • Lightweight agent is easy to install on just about any device
  • Unique network structure makes last mile connection easy


Easily connect store locations, campuses, branch offices, construction sites, and more with a straightforward software-defined network.

  • Vendor-agnostic platform eliminates expensive hardware and contracts
  • Central dashboard provides unified monitoring and control for all your networks
  • Available out of the box on many routers and gateways


Let employees access centralized resources securely without the complication and overhead of a traditional VPN.

  • Data is end-to-end encrypted and does not need to route through the cloud
  • Unique cryptographic IDs make it easy to ensure only trusted devices can connect
  • Lightweight agent can be deployed in minutes without introducing latency or overhead

Easy and Accessible

Deploy in minutes from anywhere and eliminate the need for expensive hardware, manual setup, and complex configurations.

  • Software-defined, no hardware
  • As easy as connecting to a WiFi network
  • A central dashboard lets you see all your devices and networks in one place

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Private and Secure

Instantly create global private networks with our secure network overlay that empowers you to connect your devices directly to each other, no matter where they are in the world

  • Ensure only trusted devices are connected with unique cryptographic IDs
  • Secure data with end-to-end encryption
  • Protect privacy with direct connections; no need to route through ZeroTier or other cloud providers

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Direct and Reliable

Make last-mile connection easy and eliminate worries about changes in connectivity that are outside your control

  • Create a bridge across multiple networks and firewalls
  • Unique, self-healing network structure automatically adapts to variable connectivity and failover between networks
  • Peers communicate directly with each other, improving the flow of data

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  • “ZeroTier gave us performance and scalability without extra configuration. That let us really get in and design the solution we needed.“

    Todd Shipway

    Head of Technical Operations, Metropolis

  • “Loft Orbital uses ZeroTier to improve interoperability between its offices in the United States and France. It connects our engineers to key resources quickly and easily, which allows our team to focus on making space simple.”

    Brunston Poon

    Software Developer, Loft Orbital

  • “ZeroTier unlocked doors for what we were capable of as a company and for our own projects.”

    Gareth Shirley

    Forest Rock’s sales and operations manager

  • “ZeroTier provides a robust and essential backbone for our communications stack.”

    Andrew Lipscomb

    Mechatronics Engineer, SwarmFarm Robotics

  • “There is not a single device that we cannot manage remotely.”

    Todd Shipway

    Head of Technical Operations, Metropolis

  • "In early product development, we needed a way to easily connect our growing IoT product-base to our systems. ZeroTier provided an easy, and reliable way to achieve that, and has been growing with us."

    Peter Boin

    Principal Software Engineer, Allume Energy

  • “Our time to triage and resolve an issue might have been five days. It’s now minutes... Now, we can just load up a laptop, log in, diagnose.”

    Gareth Shirley

    Sales and Operations Manager at Forest Rock

ZeroTier is highly compatible with a wide variety of operating systems and hardware devices