ZeroTier connects everything.

Our mission is to directly connect the world's devices with powerful, easy, and secure network virtualization.

ZeroTier is a technology company dedicated to making computer networking easier, more powerful, and more secure.

People use ZeroTier to seamlessly connect laptops, desktops, phones, embedded devices, cloud resources, and apps any way they want anywhere they go. Our software transforms the entire world into a single data center.

Our Story

In the years before this project began, two things started becoming obvious to us: networking was becoming too complex and cumbersome, and the Internet was becoming too centralized.

We wondered if these problems might be related. Could the difficulty of networking be driving centralization by making it harder to connect to a friend's computer than to a third party service? Could an easier way to manage networks protect our privacy, improve our security, preserve the Internet as a platform for open innovation, and save businesses billions by sweeping away heaps of unnecessary complexity?

If these problems were related could their solutions be related too? What would happen if we paired the peer to peer and distributed approaches to computing being pioneered by Internet decentralization afficionadoes with network virtualization and software defined networking (SDN) ideas from the enterprise networking world?

So that's what we did. We built a secure and scalable peer to peer network and then put a VXLAN-like network virtualization layer on top. Now we're using it to deliver the openness and simplicity of the original flat Internet but with the security, mobility, and manageability features today's users need.


Adam Ierymenko

Founder and Chief Everything Officer (CEO)

Adam has been a programmer since early childhood. He's worked over the course of his career with virtually every operating system and platform and with numerious programming languages. He's also a startup veteran and a former information security and network infrastructure expert for the US National Center for Environmental Information.

He started developing what would become ZeroTier as far back as 2009. The project was motivated by a dual interest in helping decentralize the Internet and in making networking easier for the enterprise. After working on and off for several years on the project, ZeroTier was released on GitHub in 2013. It's been all uphill from there, in both a positive and a negative sense.

Adam has a startup, a four year old daughter, and (soon) a new baby, so he basically has no life. In a previous era he enjoyed music, hiking, science, and hacking on stuff. He is currently the only member of our team with a Y chromosome but no facial hair.



Joseph Henry

Makes Things Work

Joseph joined ZeroTier in 2015 and among other things implemented a software development kit allowing you to embed our engine into desktop and mobile apps. Right now he's working on data analysis to help us figure out what our users want and how we can do it better.

Joseph's personal interests include AI, philosophy, life extension, weird electronic music, and DIY home automation.



Grant Limberg

Makes Things Work

Grant started working part time with ZeroTier in 2015 and developed our apps for iOS and Android and our UIs for Windows and Macintosh. Since joining full time he also helps make sure all our infrastructure systems don't explode and finds obscure bugs in third party operating systems that we can't talk about because we're under NDA.

When he's not shaking his fist at the computer Grant enjoys music, hanging out with friends, and spending time with his son.



Travis LaDuke

Makes Things Usable

Travis is our resident web and user interface expert. He joined ZeroTier in April 2017 to help improve our web, apps, and control panel and to build the backend features that will be needed to integrate with larger enterprise systems. If our products start getting easier to use it's his fault. If they get harder to use it's probably the fault of someone else on this list.



Melinda Kim

Makes Us Talk to Humans

We like building stuff, and building stuff, and building stuff. In addition to being the founder and full-time operator of our startup-oriented co-working space, Melinda has been working with us to make sure we also tell people what we've built and occasionally listen to what people have to say about it.



Geraldina Scarascia

Lets People Know We Exist

Geraldina is the founder of Web Is Now, a consulting group specializing in Internet and social media marketing. She's been working with us since early 2017 to improve our online presence and spread our message around the world.



Contact Info

ZeroTier, Inc.
1691 Kettering St.
Irvine, California 92614

Twitter: @ZeroTier