Our mission at ZeroTier is to make networking simple.

We think it should be easy to connect things, and to connect them directly. We think it's silly for data to travel thousands of miles to reach another computer in the same city. We think you should control your own network, your own systems, and your own data.

That's why we're building a platform and a software ecosystem to make these things easy.

Who We Are

Adam Ierymenko

Adam began programming when he was only a child, and came to the Internet in 1993 when it was in the earliest stages of commercialization. ZeroTier emerged from watching the progression of the Internet and reflecting upon how it's both gained and lost capabilities over time. He's been a professional software engineer for over fifteen years in areas as varied as computer vision and distributed systems.

Joseph Henry

Joseph joined ZeroTier in June 2015, and is currently working on a ground breaking network abstraction layer for containers and mobile apps. He comes to us from a previous background in OS-level software development, distributed systems, and AI with a focus on natural language processing.


Capitar IT Group is ZeroTier's primary vendor and support partner in the European Union, and are collaborating with us to develop our upcoming enterprise software defined networking and access control products.

Janjaap Bos, the founder of Capitar IT Group, is also a seed investor in ZeroTier and a member of our board of directors.

Full360, Inc. is a user, partner, and an investor in our seed round, helping us to develop and test our networking systems at scale.

PKC Security is our partner in information security and has provided code and network protocol design peer review throughout the development and launch of ZeroTier. They're also a user, deploying and supporting ZeroTier to their clients in the security-minded legal industry.