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ZeroTier at Networking Field Day 27

On January 27, 2022, ZeroTier Founder Adam Ierymenko gave a talk to Tech Field Day delegates at Networking Field Day 27 in Santa Clara, California. Below are the official videos from his presentation. For more information about Networking Field Day 27, please visit: === ZeroTier Networking Field Day 27 presentation videos Part I: ZeroTier […]
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ZeroTier at sea

Want to see a real-life example of ZeroTier in the background, enabling customers to do impactful, world-changing work? Our friends at shared a powerful vendor video with us about how they use 5G for maritime surveying. What they said: “ZeroTier helps me keep sessions seamlessly up while our gateway switches / network providers / sat connections […]
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ZeroTier Raises $2M For A Radically Simple Approach To Networking

February 17th, 2021 — ZeroTier, a rapidly growing company with the goal of connecting the world’s devices, has raised an additional $2M in funding in a round co-led by Anorak Ventures and Bonfire Ventures. With proven technology and over ten million active networks globally, ZeroTier will deploy funding to further expand sales, product, and engineering […]
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