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Meet Alice and Bob: The New Root Server Infrastructure

ZeroTier is growing, and to facilitate that growth we’ve just made a significant upgrade to our root server infrastructure. While the ZeroTier network is peer to peer, it relies upon a set of designated core nodes whose role and responsibility is very close to that of the DNS root name servers, hence the similar terminology. For […]
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Introducing Network Containers

This describes the effort that eventually led to libzt. TL;DR: If you’re going to put the network in user space, then put the network in user space. For the past six months we’ve been heads-down at ZeroTier, completely buried in code. We’ve been working on several things: Android and iOS versions of the ZeroTier One […]
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The State of NAT Traversal

For those who don’t know, NAT stands for Network Address Translation. If you’re on a typical network, your system probably has an IP address like These are private IPs. They are not your real Internet IP address. Between you and the network there is a device called a “NAT router” that performs intelligent address translation back and […]
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