Contribute to ZeroTier

ZeroTier is open source and free to use for most non-commercial purposes, and we’d like to keep it that way!

We realize that our free offerings are more than sufficient for most casual users, but we wanted to give those who wish to support the project an opportunity to make a one-time contribution.

If you’d like to contribute toward ZeroTier’s continued improvement, enter any amount (US dollars) below and click the button.

If you elect to register with Stripe your Stripe user will be logged in our system along with your contribution. If you don’t then your contribution will be anonymous.

We also accept cryptocurrency donations at the following addresses:

Bitcoin (BTC)3ERDdkZhdneMJU461mbTo3pxsSFHaB9Gcn
Ethereum (ETH)0xeeBfc65c1f7d6c2Dc825c7C4D0462065f7eF8603
Litecoin (LTC)LZeKgHAy9BJcPC1TaqN5AN6mWH5gQ8Knrp
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)qqnt87vdt45fuyy6mg2ays2tf8f0eajx2c309a5pkl