Enterprise Service and Support

For mission critical use cases, ZeroTier offers Enterprise support with 24/7 automatic quality of service monitoring, ticketed support, and priority consideration of product improvements and new features.

Features and Benefits

Priority Ticket Response

Enterprise support provides access to our ticketing system for priority responses to problems and inquiries.

Product Embedding License

Enterprise support includes a license permitting the embedding of ZeroTier's core networking engine into proprietary closed-source products like commercial applications, IP cameras, and "Internet of things" devices.

Continuous Monitoring

We continuously monitor the health of Enterprise networks using our built-in circuit testing functionality. Let us detect possible connectivity problems and respond or suggest solutions before you notice them.

On-Site ZeroTier Central

Enterprise includes a license to run ZeroTier Central, the software that runs my.zerotier.com, on site or in your own cloud. We can also work with you to provide integrations with access management and other internal systems.

Support Innovative Open Source Networking

Producing ZeroTier is anything but free. By signing up for our service and support plans you are helping support the development of the only open source network virtualization product of its class, as well as providing funding for future research and development efforts to help make software defined networking even easier.

Simple Pricing

Support Level Minimum Monthly Price Includes
Free $0 Community Support
Up to 100 Devices *
Professional $29/mo Ticketed Support
Unlimited Devices
Enterprise $contact/mo High Priority Ticketed Support
Automatic Network Monitoring
Central and Product Embedding Licenses

* Device limits apply only to our hosted controller. You can also run your own.

Sales Commission and Reseller Pricing

We offer very competitive sales commission to individuals and firms.

Resellers earn recurrent commission on sales. Partners earn a much higher rate of commission in exchange for also assisting with first level support through our ticketing system for their clients, and must be qualified to provide this support.

Contact us for more information.

Consulting Services and Custom Development

Sometimes customers need extra help or specialized engineering services that fall outside the scope of normal support.

Our standard rate is $250/hour for in-depth engineering support and $400/hour for custom software development. For on-site visits from ZeroTier engineering staff our rate is $2000/work day/person plus travel and lodging reimbursement if needed (receipts will be provided).

If your needs are significant and ongoing we can negotiate lower rates for longer engagements. We can also refer you to a qualified and trusted partner who specializes in consulting and custom development services.

We'll never bill you for consulting time without discussing it first. We don't like surprises either.