ZeroTier's technology is free and open source. For those with more serious needs or who want to embed ZeroTier into a proprietary closed-source product we have several support and licensing options available.

ZeroTier lets you connect anything to anything over secure virtual networks that work the same way locally or over wide area networks. It can also be embedded into apps, containers, IoT devices, and kiosks to deliver turn-key zero-configuration secure remote access.

Connect Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Cloud VMs, and Mobile
ZeroTier One for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Mobile, Cloud, ... Free and open source
Community Support Free
Hosted ZeroTier Central at
Create Networks Free
Basic Network Management Free
JSON API and Token Authentication Free
Community Support Free
Priority Support $29/month (USD)
Connect More Than 100 Devices
Device Offline Notification
Support Open Source Innovation in Networking!
Web and Port Forwards Into Networks (coming soon)
Exit Gateway (Hosted Full Tunnel VPN) (coming soon)
Private Network Controller Instance w/Exportable Keys (coming soon)
Self-Hosted ZeroTier Central
Run Central On-Premise or in Your Own Cloud Contact Us
Embedded Virtual Networking for Apps, Kiosks, and IoT
Commercial License to ZeroTier Source Code Contact Us
Access to Mobile and ZeroTier Central Source Contact Us
Consulting, Intensive Support, and Custom Development Contact Us


ZeroTier itself is free to use and open source under a GPL license that allows unlimited use under all the most common scenarios. You don't need a special license to run it on your own devices, servers, phones, etc. or to use it to power your own infrastructure. If you want to embed ZeroTier into a proprietary closed-source application or device you can obtain a commercial license that exempts you from the GPL's provisions regarding redistribution of modifications and allowing direct embedding of ZeroTier code and binaries into your products.

ZeroTier Central is our web UI and API for managing virtual networks. It and our mobile UIs are the only non-open-source parts of our stack. We host Central at and can also provide a license to allow you to use it in your own cloud or on-premise. If you want to create and manage networks without Central you can do so using the free network controller included with ZeroTier One.

Sales Commission and Reseller Agreements

We offer very competitive sales commission to individuals and firms.

Resellers earn recurrent commission on sales. Partners earn a much higher rate of commission in exchange for also assisting with first level support through our ticketing system for their clients, and must be qualified to provide this support.

Contact us for more information.