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About Us

    Global Decentralized Networking

    ZeroTier was founded by Adam Ierymenko in 2015 driven by a simple but powerful vision... to directly connect the world’s devices and enable a new era of decentralized computing.

    About ZeroTier

    ZeroTier offers the fastest, most flexible solution to deploy and maintain secure Zero Trust peer-to-peer networks. Supporting millions of devices globally with a proud open-source heritage, ZeroTier provides unrivaled ease of connectivity and management for modern networking use cases. ZeroTier is trusted by organizations in an expansive range of global industries including Information Technology, Cloud, Telecommunications, IoT, Robotics, Manufacturing, Media, Automotive, Energy, Agriculture, Aerospace, and Defense.

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      Our Team

      Meet the people behind ZeroTier
        Professional headshot of Adam
        Adam Ierymenko
        Founder & Chief Executive Officer
        Professional headshot of Marc
        Marc Patterson
        Chief Operating Officer
        Professional headshot of Lennon
        Lennon Day-Reynolds
        Head of Engineering
        Professional headshot of Angelo
        Angelo Rodriguez
        VP of Sales and Services
        Professional headshot of Joseph
        Joseph Henry
        Senior Software Engineer
        Professional headshot of Grant
        Grant Limberg
        Director of Service Engineering
        Professional headshot of Sean
        Sean O'Meara
        Director of Infrastructure Operations
        Professional headshot of Steve
        Steve Norman
        Director of Sales
        Professional headshot of Anthony
        Anthony Alvarez
        Commercial Account Executive
        Professional headshot of Joy
        Joy Larkin
        Head of Marketing
        Professional headshot of Brenton
        Brenton Bostick
        Software Engineer
        Professional headshot of Monica
        Monica Moniot
        Software Engineer
        Professional headshot of Dani
        Dani Timko
        UI/UX Engineer
        Lizzie Ferguson
        Sales Development Representative
        Hakeem Animashaun
        Hakeem Animashaun
        Sales Development Representative
        Aaron Johnson
        Aaron Johnson
        Data Engineer
        Celeste Kinswood
        Celeste Kinswood
        Director of Product Marketing

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