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ZeroTier makes networking easy for everyone - anywhere.



Free / ZeroTier Hosted Controller
  • Admin: 1                                                                                  
  • Nodes: 25                                                                                  
  • Networks: Unlimited                                         
  • Business SSO: n/a                                         
  • Support: Community                                         


Pay For What You Need
  • Admin: $10 USD/mo each (first one free)
  • Nodes: $5 USD/mo for 25 Node Pack (first pack free)
  • Networks: Unlimited                                         
  • Business SSO: $5 USD/mo per seat (first one free)
  • Support: Ticketed*                                         


Annual Billing / For Teams
  • Admin: 3                                   
  • Nodes: 150                                        
  • Networks: Unlimited                                             
  • Business SSO: 3                                         
  • Support: Ticketed                                         


Contact Us
  • Admin: Unlimited                                         
  • Nodes: Unlimited                                         
  • Networks: Unlimited                                         
  • Business SSO: Unlimited                                         
  • Support: Priority                                         
  1. The Professional plan includes Ticketed support for billing over $250 USD/month. *Older Professional plan customers may continue to access Ticketed support.
  2. In the Professional plan, an SSO Seat is included with each additional Admin.
  3. Business SSO currently integrates with OIDC compliant identity providers, read our SSO documentation.
  4. Enterprise-grade SLAs are available. Contact ZeroTier sales for more details.
  5. For detailed information about ZeroTier pricing, please read this post.

Open Source Community Edition

Featuring unlimited nodes, networks, and admins. Self-hosted. Designed for non-commercial use cases. Read the documentation. For additional information, visit our GitHub repository.

MSP Pricing

For Managed Service Providers with Home Office users or demanding multi-client needs. Contact ZeroTier Sales

IoT Pricing

For high-volume IoT and other embedded networking devices.
Contact ZeroTier Sales    

Multi-Cloud Pricing

For high-volume multi-cloud use cases. Learn about our HashiCorp Terraform integration. Contact ZeroTier Sales


Interested in launching a proof-of-concept for your networking project?
Contact ZeroTier Sales


ZeroTier’s software kit is licensed under the ZeroTier BSL, which allows source code access and free use for all with the exception of hosting a network controller for commercial purposes and/or embedding the ZeroTier source code within or in support of a commercial application. You can self-host ZeroTier controllers and nodes for free if you use it for non-commercial purposes. Please contact us to learn more.

ZeroTier’s BSL is based on the Business Source License (BSL) version 1.1 developed by MariaDB. This license has been adopted by other commercial open source projects like CockroachDB.

The BSL also carries an expiration date (“change date”) after which the licensed work reverts to a more permissive license of the author’s choice (Apache License 2.0 in our case). Each major release can carry an updated change date, allowing the author to extend the BSL’s coverage into the future for new releases. The existence of a change date means that should the original project’s author(s) abandon the project it will eventually fall into a more permissive open source license and can be taken over by the community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Enterprise support and consulting to select customers, such as new user on-boarding. Contact sales for more information.

Any use of the ZeroTier platform and/or associated software as part of (or in support of) a revenue-generating offering is considered a Commercial Use of ZeroTier and requires a commercial license. This includes the embedding of ZeroTier within a product or service, or reselling ZeroTier in any way.

Contact ZeroTier Sales for more information.

We have a number of certifications on our roadmap. Contact sales for more info. 

Our DoD CAGE code is: 82C56

ZeroTier is trusted by global organizations — from Startups to SMBs to the Fortune 100 and the Enterprise — in an expansive range of industries including Information Technology, Cloud, Industrial IoT, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Media, Education, Energy, Aerospace, and Defense.

Yes, companies can self-host ZeroTier, contact sales for licensing details.

For general documentation about self-hosting, start here. ZeroTier can even be deployed in air gapped networks.

Yes, ZeroTier is secure. All ZeroTier traffic is end-to-end encrypted. Read more about how ZeroTier uses cryptography.

Yes, we do. Contact sales for more information.

Innovative companies worldwide trust ZeroTier


"In early product development, we needed a way to easily connect our growing IoT product-base to our systems. ZeroTier provided an easy, and reliable way to achieve that, and has been growing with us."

Peter Boin, Principal Software Engineer, Allume Energy

“ZeroTier provides a robust and essential backbone for our communications stack."

Andrew Lipscomb, Mechatronics Engineer, SwarmFarm Robotics

“Loft Orbital uses ZeroTier to improve interoperability between its offices in the United States and France. It connects our engineers to key resources quickly and easily, which allows our team to focus on making space simple.”

Brunston Poon, Software Engineer, Loft Orbital