ZeroTier 1.4.0pre

We’re preparing to release 1.4.0 and would like people to give it a try. We’ve created Windows and Mac installer packages for a pre-release we’ve numbered 1.2.99 (which is really 1.4.0pre).

The most important new feature in 1.4.0 is multipath support. Multipath means that ZeroTier will use more than one physical path at once to communicate with other multipath-enabled nodes.

Multipath is currently in **beta **and will only be used between nodes where both sides have it enabled. To enable multipath, edit (or create) local.conf and add a setting called multipathMode with a value of 0, 1, or 2. Zero means disabled (the default), 1 randomly distributed packets across active paths, and 2 uses a proportional allocation algorithm that tries to handle links with different levels of bandwidth.

The proportional allocation algorithm currently has issues handling multiple links where link speeds differ dramatically, such as e.g. a slow legacy DSL link and a faster cable or fiber link. This will be improved in the future. Right now we want to get multipath out there and get it tested by end users under a variety of situations.

ZeroTier One.pkg for Macintosh

ZeroTier One.msi for Windows

Source (dev branch) for Linux, BSD, etc.

Here are the full release notes for 1.4.0 (pre).

If you find issues you can report them via GitHub. We’ll let this be out there for a few days before pushing out 1.4.0, then it’s on to iterative multipath improvement and more.