ZeroTier at Networking Field Day 27

On January 27, 2022, ZeroTier Founder Adam Ierymenko gave a talk to Tech Field Day delegates at Networking Field Day 27 in Santa Clara, California. Below are the official videos from his presentation.

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ZeroTier Networking Field Day 27 presentation videos

Part I: ZeroTier – The Planetary Data Center

What is a planetary data center? Is ZeroTier a VPN, an SD-WAN, or a network overlay? What are ZT’s main features, integrations, and use cases? Is ZeroTier Zero Trust?

Part II: ZeroTier Networking Demo

Telnet, ping, network traffic sniffing, using mDNS/Avahi, accessing a Cockroach DB cluster, playing Hunt the Wumpus. Yes, these are all things you can do with ZeroTier.

Part III: ZeroTier Technical Deep Dive

Learn how ZeroTier’s layered architecture approach enables both a “Planetary Wire Closet” and “Secure Wide Area VLANs” all in one robust networking service.