ZeroTier Business SSO is here! And so is our new pricing.

Joy Larkin
June 8, 2022

ZeroTier Business SSO is now in General Release

Widely requested and now it is here – ZeroTier Business SSO. Business SSO gives customers the ability to use popular OIDC identity providers for industry-standard endpoint security for their ZeroTier networks.

As of today, all ZeroTier hosted controller accounts including Basic and Professional tiers, can purchase Business SSO seats. If Basic or Professional users wish to add new SSO Seats, they can do so easily via our upgraded billing interface via the Account tab in ZeroTier Central.

While we will continue to offer integrations with SSO and other centralized identity systems, SSO will always be optional. We will always let you own your own security boundary, even excluding us via hosting your own controller. ZeroTier is about you owning things.
Team ZeroTier

SSO configuration notes: 

  • Business SSO support is for desktop clients only, mobile client support will be available in a future release.

  • Current ZeroTier users and customers will need to upgrade to our new a la carte billing system to access Business SSO. 

  • To begin setting up your ZeroTier environment for SSO, you will need to download** **the latest ZeroTier 1.10.0 client

  • Older versions of ZeroTier can co-exist with SSO-authenticated nodes on a

network if they are marked “SSO exempt,” which selects the default non-SSO always-on authentication behavior for a specific node. (This is also useful for servers, routers, etc.)

  • At this time, Business SSO is not available for the Open Source self-hosted ZeroTier controller.

New! Pay For What You Use ZeroTier

Based on user feedback, we’re now providing users maximum control over their ZeroTier experience. Here’s a look at the new updates.

✔️ Update 1: First and foremost, Nodes are what were formerly known as “Network Members.” 

What does this mean? It means we now count each network endpoint as an individual entity (i.e. a “Node”) versus counting each network connection as a “network member.” This change is designed to simplify network accounting and configuration.

✔️ Update 2: Our free Open Source self-hosted ZeroTier controller option continues to feature unlimited Nodes, unlimited Networks, and unlimited Admins with Community support for non-commercial use cases.

✔️ Update 3: The free ZeroTier Basic plan now allows up to 25 Nodes and 1 Admin with Community support.  

✔️ Update 4: The ZeroTier Professional plan starts with 25 Nodes and 1 Admin, and now you can add Admins, Node Packs, and SSO Seats on an a la carte “as you need” basis. This new packaging allows you to:

  • Select new Admins individually ($10 USD/monthly per Admin).

  • Select additional Nodes in Node Packs of 25 ($5 USD/monthly per Node Pack).

  • Select new SSO Seats individually ($5 USD/monthly per SSO Seat).

ZT Professional plan usage examples

Networking Use Case: Home User

Old Plan

New Plan

1 Admin

1 Admin

50 Nodes

50 Nodes

4 Networks

4 Networks

0 SSO Seats

0 SSO Seats

Pricing: $49 USD/mo

Pricing: $5 USD/mo

Networking Use Case: SMB

Old Plan

New Plan

3 Admins 50 Nodes 6 Networks 0 SSO Seats

Pricing: $49 USD/mo

3 Admins 50 Nodes 6 Networks 0 SSO Seats

Pricing: $25 USD/mo

Professional customers or users with high-volume use cases or those who wish to set up a ZeroTier proof-of-concept project are invited to contact our sales team.

✔️ Update 5: ZeroTier Enterprise plans require a commercial license and are designed for intensive ZeroTier networking deployments such as IoT, Corporate VPN Alternative, MSP, Embedded Networking, Hybrid or Multi-cloud, and Commercial Use. These plans include options for large-scale Admin, Node, and SSO usage, Engineering Support, and Enterprise-grade SLAs.

✔️ Update 6: Our fanatical customer support. 

While both our Open Source and Basic plans feature access to our active Community Board, ZeroTier Professional plans can take advantage of our Community Board or our Ticketed support options. 

ZeroTier Enterprise plans have access to Priority support and to Enterprise-grade SLAs.

In addition, ALL ZeroTier plans offer the following powerful features: 

  • DNS Support 

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Multi-Cloud 

  • Multipath and load balancing (requires endpoint node configuration)

  • Multicast / Broadcast

  • Multi-Protocol Support 

  • IPv6 & IPv4 Support

  • Routing Policy Management / Rules Engine

We hope you like the new updated ZeroTier. Let us know what you think.