ZeroTier Organizations

Thanks to valuable feedback from our active community and loyal customers, we’ve been working hard to simplify network sharing for organizations.

ZeroTier Central now enables organization owners to consolidate all users under a single organization structure. This new account structure is available today at (and is automatically activated) for all professional and enterprise accounts.


Billing consolidation & network management

  • Each organization has a single “Owner”
  • All networks (and configurations) will remain under the control of the organization owner
  • All billing is handled by the organization in a single subscription (Authorized Network *Members *(nodes) are counted across all users of the organization)
  • Organization users can become admins of each other’s networks

Adding & inviting users to an organization

  • Invite existing users currently managing your networks and assume billing responsibility and control of their networks
  • Invite new users (via email) to create an account under your organization
  • Invite new users (via invite link) to create an account under your organization

Here’s a peek into how users are invited and managed in Organizations.

ZeroTier Organizations is available for all pro plan subscribers and enterprise customers as of now. This functionality is the foundation for many, highly-requested features and benefits for professional teams. We are listening, and we are working hard to consistently deliver you more value in your efforts to simplify networking!

If you’re interested in learning more about ZeroTier Organizations, check out our docs here!

Important note: When inviting a user to an organization, all existing networks for the invited user will be transferred to the organization. Because of this, explicit confirmation will be required. The user will have to accept the invitation to join an organization.