ZeroTier Raises $2M For A Radically Simple Approach To Networking

February 17th, 2021 — ZeroTier, a rapidly growing company with the goal of connecting the world’s devices, has raised an additional $2M in funding in a round co-led by Anorak Ventures and Bonfire Ventures. With proven technology and over ten million active networks globally, ZeroTier will deploy funding to further expand sales, product, and engineering capabilities.

ZeroTier’s software solution allows devices, applications, and services to be connected simply and securely regardless of their physical location. It can be used in a variety of use cases including VPN, multi-cloud/hybrid-cloud, SD-WAN, peer-to-peer networking, and IoT remote access, allowing all these things to be achieved with a single system for vastly reduced complexity and associated costs.

Founder Adam Ierymenko says, “ZeroTier was founded to realize the Internet’s true potential as a connectivity platform. Our mission is to directly connect the world’s devices, radically simplify networking, and enable a new generation of private, secure, and scalable networking applications.”

“The simplicity, flexibility, and speed of ZeroTier, combined with their open-source core has attracted a massive cult following in the networking and security space,” said Greg Castle, Managing Partner at Anorak Ventures. “ZeroTier has made it easy for developers to try with a generous free tier and they’re seeing incredible community-led growth. I’m excited and humbled to be part of such an amazing team!”

“ZeroTier is like the best-kept secret for IT companies and managed service providers.” Said Mark Mullen, General Partner at Bonfire Ventures. “Thousands of IT providers all over the world use ZeroTier as a hardware-agnostic solution to set up and manage their clients’ networks.”

ZeroTier has recently brought onboard several startup veterans from Fastly, Aria, PKC, Pulse Secure, and Mattermost to round out the team. With this cash infusion and the accelerating trends of multi-cloud, edge, and distributed work, ZeroTier is positioned for an exciting future.

About ZeroTier

ZeroTier offers the fastest, most flexible solution to deploy and maintain secure networks. With over a half-million strong global user base and open-source origins, ZeroTier provides unrivaled ease of connectivity and management for modern networking use cases. ZeroTier is trusted by organizations in an expansive range of global industries including Information Technology, Cloud, Telecommunications, IoT, Manufacturing, Education, and Defense. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @ZeroTier.

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