ZeroTier Summer 2023 Release: 1.12

Hey there! I’m Lennon Day-Reynolds, and I joined ZeroTier in March of 2023 as Head of Engineering. It’s been a busy few months and I’m excited to share what we’ve been building. So without further ado, here’s our latest update.

ZeroTier One 1.12

In this release we’ve focused on reliability, performance, and resource efficiency. You won’t see a lot of changes to how the service works, but your day-to-day experience of running ZeroTier will be better in a number of ways. We’ve reduced memory and CPU usage across most platforms, and improved throughput on Linux by anywhere from 10% to 30% depending on your system configuration.

Download ZeroTier 1.12:


There’s one big new feature we’re particularly excited to announce: you can now capture key metrics from your ZeroTier peers and controllers about the behavior, performance, and reliability of your ZeroTier deployment.

You can now send metrics from your ZeroTier nodes directly to Prometheus-compatible observability services, including Grafana!

Check out the basic instructions in the ZT1 project repo on GitHub to get started, and stay tuned for more info on how to use this new capability to combine ZeroTier with your existing network monitoring and observability stack.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issues with default routes on macOS.
  • Fixed sleep/wake issues on several platforms.
  • Fix a problem with full tunnel mode on recent macOS releases.
  • Improve recovery time from changes in network configuration, such as switching ISPs or from wired to wireless.
  • Add search domain to macOS DNS configuration.
  • Fix IPv4-only DNS on recent macOS versions.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes.
  • Experimental support for Windows on ARM64 platforms (ARM64 Surface devices, VMs on Apple Silicon Macs, etc.). Please report any issues, and further improvements will be coming.

Unsupported Linux Distributions

Due to toolchain issues the following *very old *Linux distributions and architectures are no longer supported with pre-compiled binaries in 1.12.

  • debian-squeeze-amd64
  • debian-squeeze-i386
  • debian-bookworm-armel
  • debian-bookworm-mipsel
  • debian-bullseye-armel
  • debian-bullseye-mipsel
  • debian-buster-armel
  • debian-buster-mips
  • debian-buster-mipsel

The “armel” and “mips” targets are no longer supported due to problems building against libraries that require atomic memory access operations. (Note that “armel” is not “armhf” and pre-dates even early Raspberry Pi models.) Debian “squeeze” is no longer supported as its build toolchain is too old to package ZeroTier properly.

Let us know what you think of our latest release by commenting on our Community Board or reaching out to us on Mastodon or Twitter.