Our Products

ZeroTier is a secure network overlay that allows you to manage all of your network resources as if they were on the same LAN. The software-defined solution can be deployed in minutes from anywhere. No matter how many devices you need to connect, or where they are in the world, ZeroTier makes global networking simple.

The Network

Empower your team to create global private networks that connect devices and sites directly to each other.


  • Firewall/NAT traversal creates a bridge across disparate networks with different configurations.
  • Direct two-way peer-to-peer connections make it easy to share data and services.


  • Unique device IDs make it easy to forward network traffic, regardless of changes in location or Internet connection.
  • Switch out hardware or failover between networks without losing device connectivity or adjusting configurations.


  • It’s easy to create multiple networks and devices can be members of as many networks as you like.
  • Segmentation helps to maintain strong internal and external security boundaries so multiple teams can access the same devices.

The Agent

With ZeroTier, a single lightweight agent covers all your network use cases. It’s open source and free to install.


  • The low resource footprint runs easily on Raspberry Pi and other small devices.
  • It’s perfect for IoT and other deployments where devices are not associated with a specific user.

Cross Compatible

  • The agent can be installed on just about any device with an OS including Mac, Windows and Linux. 
  • ZeroTier comes pre-installed on many routers such as Mikrotik and Teltonika.


  • The ZeroTier agent runs in the background on devices without degrading performance.
  • The built-in authentication workflow makes it easy to add devices to a network with QR codes or links.

The Dashboard

The ZeroTier dashboard gives you a centralized view of all your networks and devices.

Easy to Use

  • It’s simple to create networks and manage membership.
  • More advanced tools are available for custom routes and DNS configuration.


  • Our web-interface gives you a single networking control plane for all your networks.
  • The central view eliminates blind spots due to networks you don’t own.

Complete Picture

  • See all your networks and connected devices, including routers, in one place.  
  • Stop logging into multiple dashboards for a fragmented view of your infrastructure.

Privacy and Security

ZeroTier’s network overlay transmits data directly between members. You can have the benefits of a high-trust Internet environment without sacrificing security.


  • There’s no need to route data through ZeroTier or other cloud providers.


  • All data is end-to-end encrypted and devices have unique cryptographic IDs.


  • SSO makes it easy to connect trusted devices.

Developer Friendly Features

ZeroTier helps you build and deliver connected products faster, while avoiding the high cost and complexity of legacy infrastructure.


  • The ZeroTier SDK empowers developers to easily embed high-performance networking into their applications.


  • APIs and webhooks make it easy to integrate ZeroTier into your larger tech ecosystem.


  • Terraform provider supports DevOps workflows. Deploy networks as easily as code.