Latest version: 1.10.6 || ZeroTier is now available on MikroTik. Read more.

ZEROTIER Securely Connect Any Device, Anywhere. Build Your Network GLOBAL AREA NETWORKING
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Connect team members from anywhere in the world on any device.
ZeroTier creates secure networks between on-premise, cloud, desktop, and mobile devices.

It Just Works

ZeroTier combines the capabilities of VPN and SD-WAN, simplifying network management.

Enjoy flexibility while avoiding costly hardware vendor lock in. 

SPEED ⏁ Set up ZeroTier in minutes with remote, automated deployment.
FLEXIBILITY ⏁ Emulates Layer 2 Ethernet with multipath, multicast, and bridging capabilities.
SECURITY ⏁ ZeroTier’s zero-trust networking solution provides scalable security with 256-bit end-to-end encryption.

Secure Networks For Teams Of Any Size

IT Teams

  • Simplify your network stack by unifying VPNs, VLANs, and SD-WANs with one solution
  • Integrate cloud devices on one interface
  • Easily provision and de-provision remote access for users, contractors, and partners


  • Easily build common backplane networks spanning multiple cloud providers
  • Save on performance, storage, and bandwidth by unifying on-prem with cloud
  • Administrate and debug from anywhere
  • Secure corporate network overlay and failover layer

Product Companies

  • ZeroTier provides network control and P2P functionality
  • Use ZeroTier to create products which run on their own decentralized networks
  • Create a 5G-capable secure P2P network for any IoT device that can run on 64MB of RAM

Individual Users

  • Access your desktop, NAS, and other devices from anywhere
  • Conveniently share files, data, and play LAN games
  • Grant personal systems access to users of choice