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Directly Connecting the World's Devices

Create a virtual network in seconds and use it to connect almost anything. ZeroTier delivers simple and secure network virtualization across devices and locations.

Use ZeroTier to replace conventional VPNs, create private network backplanes for hybrid and multi-data-center cloud deployments, bridge office networks together, and more.

Hybrid Cloud

Create a virtual private cloud backplane joining VMs, physical servers, and containers across data center, provider, and location boundaries. Link together all your IT resources on a single common network in minutes.

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Peer-to-Peer VPN

Create an office LAN even if you lack an office. Peer to peer VPNs are ideal for distributed and mobile organizations. Add all your laptops, servers, and mobile devices to the same virtual network and communicate as if you’re all in the same room regardless of location or connectivity.

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ZeroTier is zero-configuration. Just create networks, put devices in them, and go. The software takes care of all the plumbing.


Everything uses the same common protocol. Your servers, containers, desktops, virtual machines, apps, and mobile devices can all join the same networks.


ZeroTier is end-to-end encrypted and authenticated using the same 256-bit elliptic curve algorithms trusted by companies like Google, Apple, and TextSecure.


Why should data have to travel two thousand miles to reach a computer a block away? ZeroTier uses advanced peer to peer networking techniques to establish direct connections between devices even when they are at different locations.

Open Source, Open Protocol

ZeroTier’s core network virtualization platform is open source. Our network protocol is being documented for submission as an open standard.

Free as in Freedom

ZeroTier is free to try, free to use, and open to understand. We offer our hosted network controller and other services and support to help finance its development. More products and services are planned for the future.