Why use ZeroTier for Network Virtualization?

Create and join virtual networks as easily as chat rooms or conference calls. Connect almost any kind of device or application. Communicate peer-to-peer with standard protocols like TCP/IP over networks that appear and behave just like standard Ethernet or WiFi.

Zero Configuration

Spend time on your own work, not hassling with manual network provisioning. ZeroTier automatically discovers physical network paths between devices whether they are in the same building or across the world, and re-discovers new paths when devices move or physical connectivity changes.

Broad Platform Support

The usefulness of a network is proportional to how many things you can connect to it. Our goal is to put ZeroTier on everything with a sufficiently powerful CPU, as well as making it possible to embed it into apps and containers. It's also open source, allowing users to extend its reach on their own.

Private and Secure

ZeroTier virtual networks are encrypted end to end. Device identity and network boundaries are enforced by cryptographic authentication and certificates. Data flows directly from device to device whenever possible for the sake of security, efficiency, cost, and improved scalability.

Try ZeroTier Now

Step 1: Download ZeroTier One

ZeroTier One is our open source endpoint service for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, BSD, Android, and (very soon) iOS. It lets you join ZeroTier virtual networks like VPNs but with the ease of IRC or Slack channels. The download page also contains basic instructions to get you started.

Step 2: Join a Virtual Network

After installing and starting the service, join network 8056c2e21c000001. This is an open public network that we use for demonstration and testing. Once you get an IP address, visit http://earth.zerotier.net/ and you should see a welcome page.

Step 3: Connect Another Device

Go to another computer, phone, tablet, or cloud server and join the same network. Note the IP addresses of both devices. Now try pinging, ssh'ing, or otherwise connecting between them.

Step 4: Leave the Network

If you don't want to stick around on Earth, just leave. That's it! The network's virtual port will disappear and your computer is no longer connected. Read on to learn more, including how to create networks of your own.

How It Works

Every device running ZeroTier has a unique 10-digit address such as 89e92ceee5. Every network has a unique 16-digit network ID like 8056c2e21c000001.

Those two types of identifiers control everything. With them devices can join networks and network administrators can authorize and set rules for devices.

Think of ZeroTier as a planetary-scale smart Ethernet switch with VLAN capability.

That's all most users need to know. In all but the most restricted or non-standard environments, our software can do everything else automatically.

Read the technical FAQ for in-depth information about what's happening behind the scenes.

Creating Networks

ZeroTier provides hosted network controllers that can be used to create and manage networks through a friendly web control panel with a JSON API for automated control and integration with third party software.

Our hosted controller service is free for up to 100 devices. Upgrading to a paid account for $29.00/month allows unlimited devices and enables other premium features. The software that runs the web UI and API at my.zerotier.com is called ZeroTier Central and is available as a commercial product.

Tech-savvy users can also host their own controllers for free using the open source controller implementation. To do this you'll have to obtain the ZeroTier One source code and follow these instructions.

Enterprise Plans

We offer Enterprise support for users who want to use ZeroTier for mission critical applications or who wish to embed ZeroTier into a proprietary closed-source product.

Our Enterprise support plan includes high priority ticketed support, license to use ZeroTier Central (the software that runs my.zerotier.com) on premise or in your own cloud, a product embedding license for the ZeroTier core, and automatic network monitoring and fault detection. Our software will automatically test the reachability of devices on your networks using ZeroTier's built-in circuit testing functionality so we can detect and respond to problems before you notice them.