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ZeroTier at DEF CON 30


Earlier this month, some of Team ZeroTier spent time in Las Vegas at DEF CON 30. Our DEF CON booth crew enjoyed meeting old and new friends, speaking about ZT, and taking in the sights and sounds of the conference.

ZeroTier was also a DEF CON Packet Hacking Village co-sponsor this year, helping make the Wall of Sheep and other security-focused education and training available to attendees.

Also at DEF CON 30, Team ZeroTier debuted a limited edition ZeroTier tardigrade mascot, which we hope to have at future events. You can see more tardigrade winners on our Twitter feed.

A collection of Team ⏁ ZeroTier images from DEF CON 30 -- HACK THE PLANET!
Team ⏁ ZeroTier at DEF CON 30 — HACK THE PLANET!