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ZeroTier Root Server Upgrades

August 30, 2019

ZeroTier’s root servers don’t do very much. They relay initial traffic between peers, help peers establish peer-to-peer connectivity, and act as a cache of identities and associated public keys. If you’ve typed “zerotier-cli listpeers” you’ve seen them. They’re called “planets” in the current version. For four years two clusters of nodes affectionately named Alice and […]

Research Notes on 2.x Cryptography

August 21, 2019

Since releasing ZeroTier 1.4 and LF we have shifted most of our effort over to developing our upcoming 2.0 release. Not much has been announced about this release, though in the LF documentation we hinted at how it will be used with 2.0 roots. In 2.0 we’re improving numerous things: performance, multicast efficiency, the ability […]

How ZeroTier Eliminated Kernel Extensions on MacOS

August 21, 2019

… version 10.13 or newer at least … Since we first released ZeroTier for MacOS we’ve used a kernel extension based on a stripped down and rebranded version of tuntaposx. In our version we increased the maximum MTU, removed tun support (we only use tap), and changed the interface names to start with “zt.” To […]

LF: A Fully Decentralized Fully Replicated Key/Value Store

June 30, 2019

TL;DR: this post introduces LF in detail and provides a little bit of back story on its development. You can head over to GitHub if you just want to jump in and give it a spin. Also see threads at Hacker News and ZeroTier started as an open source Internet decentralization project. That goal […]

ZeroTier 1.4.0pre (1.2.99)

June 28, 2019

We’re preparing to release 1.4.0 and would like people to give it a try. We’ve created Windows and Mac installer packages for a pre-release we’ve numbered 1.2.99 (which is really 1.4.0pre). The most important new feature in 1.4.0 is multipath support. Multipath means that ZeroTier will use more than one physical path at once to […]

State of the ZeroTier Address

June 26, 2019

Greetings ZeroTier users! This is ZeroTier Founder Adam Ierymenko and it’s about time for me to deliver a much-belated update on our current status and our future plans. First: no, we are not dead! Quite the opposite. We’ve had too much attention from large enterprise customers and have badly neglected our web site. Our new […]