How to Create a Global, Scalable, Secure Private Network

As your organization steps more fully into the digital age, access to secure and reliable networking that does what you need it to do (and nothing you don’t) becomes increasingly critical. 

Whether you’re working to better protect customer data, speedup communications between globally-distributed devices, or get all your remote employees in the same virtual room, a good connection is the thing that’s going to help you do it.

So let’s talk about how you can build your organization’s ideal networking solution, today.

What’s the problem?

In the past, network admins had to take a ‘pick-two’ approach to their device connectivity. Networks could be safe and reliable, reliable and fast, or fast and secure, but not all three. And scalability was a thing that you would have to invent for your own organization, often at great expense.

That’s because the device-networking solutions commonly available to mid-market and enterprise businesses were not designed for the modern landscape. 

Built initially for cloudless, site-bound networks, legacy infrastructure locks you into rigid protocols which are often dependent on the provider’s native hardware. This makes system maintenance and management prohibitively expensive. It also can create a performance bottleneck as your technicians struggle to create communication pathways between disparate devices over fragmented networks. The added complexity from these cobbled-together solutions then increases the attack surface of your network, leaving gaps for bad actors to 

Finally, when dealing with more than one network, you’re usually not the one in control. Devices at different locations may be accessing the internet via home, mobile, or third-party networks. That means solving any problems that arise requires coordination with multiple providers. That process is often complex and slow. 

With all this in mind, building a network that is fast, reliable, scalable, and secure might sound like a tough task to take on – but it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s the solution.

The founders at ZeroTier saw the gap in flexible networking and decided to fill it with a comprehensive and fully customizable solution. The ZeroTier solution allows organizations of all sizes and use cases to connect all their globally-distributed devices as though they are all under one roof.

The software-based solution takes just minutes to deploy, from anywhere. It is hardware and service provider agnostic, meaning you are not locked into a specific vendor or ISP. You as an administrator can manage your ZeroTier solution from a single, centralized dashboard that gives you a clear view of all your networks and devices.

Here are a few other advantages ZeroTier brings to your network experience:

  • ZeroTier uses advanced encryption to protect sensitive data. 
  • Unique cryptographic IDs ensure only devices you know and trust may access your network and the sensitive data it contains.
  • ZeroTier is easy to install on just about any device with an operating system and the minimal resource footprint makes it perfect for large deployments with many devices.
  • ZeroTier was built by developers, for developers, but it’s also user-friendly for non-engineers – no experience needed to get going.
  • ZeroTier features a self-healing network structure that creates a bridge across separate networks, giving you a reliable connection, even on networks outside your control. 

You don’t have to be a network professional to make ZeroTier work for you. Both experts in device connectivity and business owners who just want to make their network connections more reliable can benefit from ZeroTier’s flexible solution.

So what else is there to know about getting started with ZeroTier?

Identify your use case

ZeroTier’s flexible solution accommodates a variety of business sizes, needs, and use cases, including:

  • IoT: ZeroTier’s virtual ethernet technology provides fast, reliable, and secure connection between all devices on even a massive IoT network.

  • SD-WAN: ZeroTier’s lightweight network overlay offers a flexible and inexpensive alternative to legacy SD-WAN solutions.

  • VPN: ZeroTier’s direct peer-to-peer connections keep your data transfers private and secure, without sacrificing internet speed or reliability.

Know your industry

The ZeroTier solution is designed to be flexible and scalable, so you don’t have to know or predict all of your business needs to make it work. But starting your deployment with a focus on your specific industry and device types will help you realize value quickly. 

ZeroTier serves industries including:

  • Robotics
  • AgTech
  • Construction
  • Smart devices
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • And many more.

Think about scale

ZeroTier offers business solutions ranging from SMB to Enterprise. Organizations with smaller deployments focused on VPN replacement or connecting a limited number of devices can easily sign-up via the ZeroTier website. Companies with larger deployments should reach out to sales for discounted pricing on higher numbers of devices and help getting the most out of the ZeroTier platform. 

ZeroTier really shines in large device-centric deployments such as IoT. Network scaling used to be inhibited by a solution’s dependence on hardware, but ZeroTier’s software-defined system can incorporate as many devices as you need.

Virtual ethernet connections keep communication between networked devices fast and secure, even if they’re on opposite sides of the globe. And, centralized management dashboards let you keep a close eye on all points within your web so you can keep things running.

ZeroTier’s flexible network overlay gives your organization limitless potential with an uncomplicated application that lets you do more, while handling less. 


Case study: Metropolis is a futuristic organization that’s streamlining payment processes in parking garages, car washes, and other drive-in experiences. The company has thousands of purpose-built devices distributed all across the U.S. They partnered with ZeroTier because it was the only solution that allowed them to customize their networking system to meet their unique needs. 

“ZeroTier gave us performance and scalability without extra configuration. That let us really get in and design the solution we needed.” – Todd Shipway, Head of Technical Operations at Metropolis.

Read all about the Metropolis success story here.


Case study: Forest Rock is an IoT organization working in structural management in the UK, Europe, and the US. In the past, Forest Rock would have to take on a detective-novel level of investigation if something went wrong in one of their buildings. Now that they’ve partnered with ZeroTier, locating and addressing a problem at a remote site is as easy as clicking a button. This process simplification has empowered Forest Rock to do more than they ever thought possible.

“ZeroTier unlocked doors for what we were capable of as a company,” said Gareth Shirley, Forest Rock’s Sales & Operations Manager. “We wish we’d done it sooner.”

Read all about the Forest Rock success story here. 

What’s next?

ZeroTier is the smart connectivity solution that helps your company to do more. It’s that simple.

Get started with ZeroTier today.