ZeroTier on MikroTik

Adam Ierymenko
August 30, 2021

Yes, it’s finally happened, ZeroTier is now available on MikroTik routers as part of the standard RouterOS installation. This also means that ZeroTier now has a recommended hardware platform for people who want ZeroTier-enabled routers and other hardware networking devices, especially for small and medium business applications.

Per the MikroTik forum:

*RC2 package available here:

But from the next v7 release, it will be included in the release system (all packages ZIP archive).

To join a Zerotier network, it is as simple as this:*

[normis@Home] /zerotier/interface> add network=YYYYYYYYY instance=zt1 [normis@Home] /zerotier>enable zt1

MikroTik now joins Ubiquiti, Teltonika Networks, OpenWrt, and OPNsense on our list of supported 3rd party networking firmware and routers. If you are a networking hardware or software provider interested in integrating ZeroTier, let us know.


Update 07 December 2021: MikroTik has officially announced the release of RouterOS v7! Watch the announcement clip below featuring ZeroTier.

MikroTik RouterOS v7 is finally here!