The Business Case for Simpler Global Networking

The next big thing in network technology is always right around the corner.

Many legacy tools for global networking no longer offer the efficient, reliable, and secure connectivity they once did. The quality of their product may be the same, but the landscape has changed: growth-oriented organizations can no longer afford the costly and hardware-heavy systems that were designed for the smaller and more static businesses of the past.

The task now is to create a lightweight product that is scalable, reliable, fast, and secure – and that’s what ZeroTier did.

A better way to network

ZeroTier is a software-defined network overlay that simplifies the complex issue of organizational connectivity. The solution can be both deployed and managed from anywhere. It requires no manual setup, and no overly-complicated or expensive tech stack in order to make it work. 

Once deployed, ZeroTier’s virtual ethernet technology creates a direct connection between all devices on a defined network, as though they were all on the same site. End-to-end encryption and cryptographic IDs ensure top-level security for globally-distributed devices, without sacrificing speed or reliability.

Who is ZeroTier for?

ZeroTier offers advantages to teams of any size, across diverse industries. From construction and manufacturing to retail and tech companies, ZeroTier’s flexible application can be customized to meet the precise and industry-specific needs of most enterprise organizations.

ZeroTier advantages

Here are some of the business benefits offered by the ZeroTier solution.


New devices are easily incorporated into your network, without the need for manual set-up or configuration. It’s easy to connect just about any device with an OS, from manufacturing equipment in factories to laptops in home offices. This ease of deployment gives your business  virtually unlimited expansion.

Furthermore, ZeroTier’s easy-to-maintain platform empowers your business to focus on growth, rather than spending time and resources repairing outdated architecture.

Strong security.

ZeroTier provides great security in terms of data, device authorization, and network control. 

Data is end-to-end encrypted and doesn’t need to be routed through the cloud. ZeroTier has zero access to the data transmitted over ZeroTier networks, giving you added privacy and oversight. Each device is also assigned a unique cryptographic ID, which makes it easy to ensure only trusted devices can connect.

A central dashboard gives you a unified view, allowing you to more easily control networks, diagnose problems, etc.Direct connections also reduce the attack surface as IT teams no longer have to jerry-rig connections between disparate devices.


A completely software-based solution means no hardware to purchase and maintain, plus no travel to perform manual setup on site. That means you save on both the cost of hardware and the cost of labor. You also save money that would otherwise have been spent on the labor needed to maintain and repair the hardware over time, as well as the cost of new equipment after a piece of hardware breaks or becomes obsolete.

ZeroTier’s vendor-agnostic solution also means that you are not locked into any one vendor for your infrastructure. You are free to shop around for hardware that saves your company even more money.

Why your business needs ZeroTier

ZeroTier offers a range of advantages that apply to any industry. But let’s take a look at a few specific use cases where ZeroTier really shines.

You’re taking your IoT connectivity to the next level

The sheer number of devices deployed in IoT often makes quality connectivity as expensive as it is critical. Reliable, secure connection between smart home devices, autonomous cars, manufacturing equipment, and more represents a tremendous cost, and often relies upon restrictive and inefficient legacy infrastructure.

But IoT may also represent an immense value-add, if the right solution is in place. ZeroTier’s helps to maximize your IoT ROI, working to simplify any IoT network with a direct two-way connection. ZeroTier’s device-centric deployments and lightweight agent are also optimized for IoT devices. Just as effective for smart refrigerators as it is for automotive manufacturing machines, ZeroTier will help your organization get the most out of IoT.

You’re deploying a modern SD-WAN

SD-WANs offer a streamlined and cloud-efficient update to traditional Wide Area Networks. Software-based deployment means an SD-WAN can be set up from anywhere and monitored from anywhere. Cloud networking capabilities allow local devices to easily connect both to internet-based applications as well as site-specific data centers. However, these systems are often tied to expensive infrastructure contracts, making them difficult to scale and costly to maintain. Plus, they come with their own set of problems such as added complexity, and a reliance on the public internet.

ZeroTier makes it easy to gain the benefits of an SD-WAN without the downsides. The flexible platform provides SD-WAN capabilities that aren’t locked into restrictive vendor contracts. Additionally,  the  networks that you create through ZeroTier are completely private, which improves your security posture. 

You’re upgrading your VPN capabilities

ZeroTier takes your VPN power to the next level.

Traditional VPNs work to route traffic through a remote server. The travel from source to server to recipient location takes time, slowing communication between devices and often disrupting connection. Users may even turn off their VPNs to prioritize a smoother connection because video calls and other real-time data transfers are slow due to VPN-related latency.

VPNs also require significant configuration to work correctly. Misconfiguration or other human errors can leave network traffic unencrypted and exposed.

ZeroTier’s direct peer-to-peer device connections offer the encryption, security, and privacy of a VPN, but without sacrificing speed or reliability. There’s no need for complex configurations, eliminating a possible source of human error. And a transparent end-user experience means that end users are much less likely to take the risk of turning off the solution and using an unprotected network connection.

Getting started with ZeroTier

Legacy solutions are expensive, inefficient, and ineffective for modern companies. Restrictive vendor contracts, pricey tech stacks, and fragmented structures make networking a lot harder than it needs to be. 

For a long time, these legacy solutions have been the only products offering the power that most industry-leading organizations need from their networking service. But ZeroTier is here to change that, offering a greater impact with less effort via a simplified global networking solution.

Eager to dive deeper into global networking? Click here to read the business case for a simpler global networking solution, or get started with ZeroTier today.